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Julia's Boomershoot Adventure

December 28th, 2003.  My cousin Julia was visiting from Santa Barbara California.  One of the things California doesn't allow you to do is to have certain kinds of fun.  You have to travel to a more free state, such as Idaho, for certain types of pleasures.  The following are a couple of innocent activities that would result in you going to jail in California, but we do with a fair amount of regularity in Idaho.

Left to right: Ry, Julia, Joe, Uncle Darrell

Here we have my Uncle Darrell shooting a Olympic Arms PCR-1.  "PCR" is for Politically Correct Rifle.  After the Federal "Assault Weapon" ban of '94, Olympic Arms modified their AR-15 type rifles to be compatible with the new law.  California has a more strict version of the law and even this PCR rifle is illegal there.  Uncle Darrell and Julia really liked this gun.  They said it was very easy to shoot.  Click on the image to play the video

Then there were the targets we were shooting at.  They were special reactive targets that Ry and I had built with some fairly common everyday stuff -- like kitchen blenders and mixers, fertilizer, gasoline, and other stuff.

Four gallons of gas, four pounds of high explosives

Click on the image above to view the video of this in action.  About four frames into the start you can see the muzzle blast from the barrel of the PCR-1, then the shell casing will appear and fall to the ground as the fireball starts to form.

Isn't visiting Idaho just GREAT?  Californians can leave their repressive laws behind when they visit here.

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