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Kimberly Frederick
Jake Sandmeyer
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March 13, 2009

We Must Protect Our Citizens

Can you imagine falling out of your dining room chair and becoming paralyzed? My young friend David Eagle was sitting innocently eating dinner with his wife and children when all of the sudden the chair just collapsed, causing him to fall to the ground hitting his spine. He was rushed to the emergency room but there was nothing the doctors could do. He would be a paraplegic for the rest of his life, and the doctor that treated him said that if he had just been wearing his seat belt he would not have sustained those injuries. I know that all of you as conscientious citizens want to protect our people. We need to band together and demand that the government protect us. We must demand that all chairs, even couches and sofas, are required to have safety belts, and that everyone be required to use them. If someone is caught not using their safety belt they should be required to pay a $1000 fine and with a three strike rule attached that on your third strike not wearing a safety belts that the perpetrator goes to jail. Repeated offenders should be taken to jail, because by not wearing their seatbelts they are endangering themselves, and as a community it is our responsibility to protect and care for each other.

How would you feel if your daughter or your son fell out of a chair and became a paraplegic, or died because they were not wearing their safety belt? Too many young people get hurt, or killed every year from chair accidents that could be prevented by wearing chair seat belts, especially young children. Nine out of ten chair injuries involve a child under the age of four years old. That is so young. How could anybody say that chair seat belts are unnecessary when so many of our innocent young people are being hurt and killed each year because there are no seat belts requirements for chairs. Children canít defend themselves. They donít know what the dangers in the world are, so it is our responsibility as a community to protect all kids from chair related accidents, and the best way to do this is with mandatory chair seat belts and increased fines for parents who donít strap their children in every time.

If a parent doesnít strap their child in every time they sit down it is the same as saying I donít care whether my child lives or dies and every parent that is caught not putting a safety belt on their child should be charged with reckless endangerment and subject to the maximum sentence for such a criminal charge because it would be such a cruel and obvious disregard for the childís safety. How could any adult stand by and watch as parents all over the country neglect children this way. If a parent has so little regard for their childís safety then the child should be taken away. It is the responsibility of the community to watch after all children because not all people that have children are good enough people to raise them. I encourage everyone to start a neighborhood watch program to protect the children in your community. If you see a parent not strapping in a child, even if it is only once call the child welfare office and report them. If that does not work and the children arenít taken away from a family call the welfare office again. This time lie if you have to, make things up about how the children are abused in other ways and keep at it. Keep calling and spreading lies until those children are safe from being able to sit down without being strapped in. After the children are safe make sure that you call the newspaper and publicly humiliate the parents so that if they ever have children again or through some mistake of the system get their original children back that they will be watched by everyone and everyone in town will know what they did and what bad parents they are.

Even with the countless numbers of injuries each year due to falling out of chairs the government hasnít done a thing to protect us from those falls. It is the responsibility of the police, and even the President to protect us yet they have done nothing to protect us. We must group together and demand the protection of all of us from falls out of chairs. How can our representatives claim to care about the well being of the people if they have never even brought these issues to the table? We just had a presidential election and not once in all the speeches and debates did I ever hear one candidate even mention chair seat belts. It is ridiculous that these people who want to be the President of the United States can talk about such small issues like the economy and the United States health care system but not even mention the number of injuries and deaths incurred every year by falling out of chairs.

Before you scoff, just think about what I am saying. A federal law issued requiring the installation and use of safety belts on each and every chair in America it would solve all those other petty issues that people are whining about. Just this one law could solve every problem that Americans are most worried about, the national deficit, health care, the economic mess all solved, and it would save people from needless and tragic injuries and death

Just think about it logically. If no one was ever injured because they fell out of a chair, there would be no need to change the health care system because you would never have to see doctor again unless you got sick or something but things like that are so rare the problem would be problem solved. The deficit, everyone that gets caught not using a seat belt gets fined $1,000 each time that it happens, with all the money the government would collect in fines I estimate that the deficit could be paid off in a matter of years, maybe even months, if there are a lot of people who refuse to use safety belts. Now that we have taken care of the federal deficit and the health care problems what about the economy you say. I say that the mandatory installation of safety belts on every chair, stool, sofa, couch, recliner, rocker, and every other surface that a person would sit on would employee millions of people for many years to come, not to mention the extra law enforcement that would be need to keep an eye on every house and seat in America to enforce the new federal law so there would be job security too. With so many people employed it would reduce Americas unemployment to those that just plain donít want jobs, and all the people now working are earning money and spending, economic problem solved.

The only way to save our children, our citizens, and our county is by forcing the government to see what a problem we face. With our youth being injured and our good hard working citizens begin injured everyday by falling out of chairs, something must be done, and I know that any person with half of brain, or at least a conscience will agree with me that a federal law requiring all seats, and chairs to have safety belts is the only way to go.