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June 28, 2005
Left side
A new alloy was being tested on the scope mount. No anodizing on the prototype, just the bare aluminum.
Right side
View through the scope
Targets are 106 yards away.
Wolf ammo at 30 yards
Ignore the .30 caliber holes outside the orange circle.
Handloads at 106 yards
The previous five shot group from 30 yard group was not taped over. Ten shots total are shown--five at 106 yards, five at 30 yards.
Targets ready for action
450 rounds
Not all of the boxes are full. I estimate there were 450 rounds total comsumed in the testing. I used my shot timer (on the left) to time some of the shooting. I averaged about one second between shots and seven seconds for a magazine change. I had three five round magazines with me. I would empty them in under 30 seconds. I would reload the magazines in just over a minute and immediately start shooting again.
Three fourths through the ammo
The target stand on the right blew over and I took a picture of the targets before I continued. I was shooting the targets in a quasi-random order. For each five shot magazine I would put at least one bullet on each target before shooting a target a second time. Each shot took, on the average, about one second from 106 yards away.
Final target
The second target stand blew down again shortly after I returned to the firing line. With only 110 rounds left I put most of them into this target. I put five carefully aimed shots into the "head" but the wolf ammo in a very hot and dirty gun didn't do well. I then put the last 100 or so rounds with an aim point of just above the orange dot. All these shots took on the on the order of one second each.