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Geocache trip to Moscow Mtn. July 17, 2005
Out with the old. In with the new.
The old ammo box for this geocache, Moscow Mountain High, had been shot. It was probably an accident but it was 'dead' all the same. Barb and I replaced it with a new box.
Moscow Mountain High restored
It's hidden again.
Barb on the rocks
Looking for the geocache Moscow Mountain Higher.
Joe on the rock
Joe admiring the view from near Moscow Mountain Higher.
Joe in the rocks
Still looking for the cache.
View from near Moscow Mountain Higher
Barb looking for Moscow Mountain Higher
At the base of the big rocks.
This looks like the place
I had looked at the "spoiler picture" just before the previous time we visited here on June 4, 2005. I hadn't found it. But this looked very much like what I remembered. And there was no cache. Bummer. Did I misremember or had the cache been moved or stolen?
I found it
I'm writing my log entry.
Some of the log entries
Found by a accident by a bunch of drunk guys
More log entries.
New location for Moscow Mountain Higher
On the trail away from Moscow Mountain Higher