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Aniversary trip to B-23 in Payette National Forest
Bridge across the Salmon river
We slept in our Jeep (all the motels were full from the firefighters) at a campground east of Riggins and left about 7:30 the next morning. We contined east up the Salmon river.
Closeup of the bridge
The road signs were in disrepair
Road was gravel but in good shape
Another bridge
Typical road to Burgdorf from the north
The road to Burgdorf
Near the top looking down toward Salmon river
Flowers at the top of the hill
Bergdorf hotsprings
Creek between Chinook campground and Loon Lake
Barb waiting for me to finish taking pictures
Barb crossing the creek at Loon Lake
We had to get to the other side of the lake to visit the crashed B-23. It was either take off our shoes or cross on the log. We both made it across (and back) without getting our feet wet.
Barb at the B-23
We replace a missing geocache here. It was Barb's first visit to the site.
Loon Lake
Loon Lake
Loon Lake