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May 24th, 25th 2003 boat camping on Dworshak Lake.
Kim reporting on the campsite we choose.
Kimberly Joe and Joseph Kim at camp.
Kim in front of her tent.
Joe setting up Barb and Joe's tent.
Almost ready to go back out to try water skiing.
Barb is ready for the sun.
Kim preparing to ski.
This attempt wasn't quite good enough.
Trying again.
She's up!
And moving!
Coming up again.
Moving again.
About a half mile later.
Doing well, but it didn't last much longer.
It was cool and damp the next morning.
The morning lake after the storm was beautiful.
Barb and Leo check out the morning lake view.
Even with the water down it was beautiful.
The boat stayed with us all night.
There was a big storm with lots of lighting, rain, and wind. I was afraid the boat would pull the stump it was tied to out and drift off leaving us stranded. It didn't. Everything was fine.
Kim made pancakes for breakfast.
Kim looking for wildlife.
Driving the boat up Elk Creek.
Proof she is actually driving.
We see geese on the way home.