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Outside Magazine Boomershoot Adventure
Making the explosives
We started out by making the explosives and putting them in the cardboard target bodies. Here Lisa uses a kitchen blender and mixer with "magic" ingredients to create the high explosives.
Learning to shoot a high powered precision rifle
Here Lisa is getting a few minutes of instruction and practice with an empty gun while the Clyde family, veteran Boomershooters, watch.
Lisa's second boomer
The cloud of water vapor in the distance is 380 yards away. It was from a reactive target just 6" in diameter. Lisa hit her first one in just three shots. The second one took only two shots. The explosion can be heard many miles away.
Lisa's response to connecting with a boomer
Just seconds after connecting with her second boomer Lisa's smile tells the story of what she thinks of her accomplishment.
The view from the 700 yard target area
Nick's boomer
Nick takes out an eight inch boomer at close range.
Tim's boomer
Tim takes out an eight inch boomer at close range.
The Boomershoot adventure 'crew'
Left to right: Tim, Nick, Ry, Samatha, Lisa, and Joe.
Joe and Ry with the fireball target
Fireball target
The last boomer of the day. Joe detonates a fireball target.