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28th Anniversary
Arriving at Game Ridge Motel/Resort
Barb brings a small supply of chocolate. View their website at: http://www.gameridge.com.
Rustic but adequate kitchen
The other end of the room
Barb at Silver Falls on Mount Rainer
South East corner of the mountain.
A nice little falls
Just downstream from Silver Falls
Looking back upstream at Silver Falls
Silver Falls
Wooden Bridge To Sliver Falls
One of several wooden bridges.
Barb points out the falls
On the way to Mt. Rainer from our motel we stopped to view the falls close to the road.
The falls
The canyon downstream from the falls
The base of the falls
Interesting thing was that all the water from the falls went underground at the base. It surfaced a 1/4 or so downstream from the 'insertion point'.
Up the hill from Paradise
From the Paradise lodge we hiked up the hill towards the glacier. This was the view from a half mile or so from the lodge and parking lot.
Mt. Rainer flowers
Same location as the previous picture. Just better lighting and a slightly different view.
Barb on the trail
On the way to the glacier. Very nice trail at the start.
Mt. Rainer trails
Our first view of the glacier
Marmot -- almost unafraid
We saw at least three marmots. They didn't take too much notice of us unless we got closer than about 20 feet.
Looking down at the glacier
Receding glacier leaves it's mark
Berm pushed up by the glacier
Barb climbs up along the berm
Berm and valley from the glacier