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Boomershoot range improvments Sept 24, 2004
Old yellar in the shop
The cat had a exhaust manifold bolt fall out and Doug had to do some repairs. It was all ready to go when we got there.
Improvements to the Taj Mahal
I used the cat to smooth out the dirt in front of the shed then Ry planted it to grass.
Improvements to the Taj Mahal
Same improvement but from a different angle.
Barb and Joe extend the first berm
At the tree line we widened the shooting area.
Completed tree line berm
This is what it looked like after it was smoothed and seeded to grass.
Jay wanted me to take the first shot
Jay, from work came out to have a private Boomershoot Adventure. When it was time to start using live ammo he got way back and watched as I took the first target.
Jay's first boomer
A more interesting boomer
Both dirt and 'smoke' went up from this one.
Berm backside after the fire
Jay and Ry managed to start a big fire with one of the boomers. I put it out with the dozer and then smoothed out the mess in Alan's field.
The fire almost got the first tree
The fire came within seconds of taking out the first tree. It was right at the base.
Shaping and smoothing the extended shooting area
I extended the shooting area enough for about another ten shooting positions. Part of it is really quite high. High enough that someone should be able to shoot prone over even the the tallest grass.