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Las Vegas 2004
Interesting place for an Internet Cafe
I kid you not. This is the place of an internet cafe. It was in a very rough part of town too. They had to unplug their computer connection to let me plug mine in. $6.00/hour. We didn't go back.
Courtyard of our condo
Red Rock Canyon Vistors Center
Interesting mountains
I was particularily fasinated by the mountain on the left that appeared to be a huge chair. I would have guessed it was a volcanic crater by the shape but it was in sedimentary rocks.
Red Rocks
Red Rocks
Joe on the edge of a high rock
The path down from La Madre springs
La Madre spring and dam
Mountains near La Madre springs
Mountains near La Madre springs
Dead tree and mountains near La Madre Spring
Wild burros
La Madre Springs from a different angle
Joe in front of one of the casinos
Joe on 'The Strip'
On 'The Strip'
'The Strip'
'The Strip'
Barb poses with "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
Joe poses with Mel Gibson