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Postal Match Results.
My setup
Results November 17, 2004
One shot from a clean cold barrel on one target. Five shots on a second target. Another shot on the first target from the warm barrel.
Coming back from the range
Notice anything strange about this picture? The signs tell you what is to the left and the right but not straight ahead. I guess there is nothing out there--except that little old nuclear facility spouting steam in the distance.
Postal match July 2005
Pathetic. 10 shots from 50 yards, "rapid fire", open sights, centerfire rifle, offhand. I have hit 18" targets 7 times out of 10 at 200 yards offhand before. This is terrible performance. With starting conditions of an unloaded gun on the table in front of me to when I fired the 10th shot I took 55 seconds. I need to practice more.
Shooting in the dark
Rifle postal match. Shot on August 21, 2005. I got to the range late and had to shoot in near darkness.
Closeup of the target.
Rifle postal match August 21, 2005.
Rifle postal match. August 21, 2005.
Scoring target
August 21, 2005. I won this particular match with a perfect score of 15.
Certificate for the August '05 rifle postal match
See also: http://www.softgreenglow.com/mt/archives/2005/09/finally.html
9/6/2005 .22LR Pistol Offhand from 30'
9/6/2005 .22LR Pistol Benchrest from 30'
9/6/2005 .40 S&W Pistol Offhand from 30'
9/6/2005 .40 S&W Pistol Benchrest from 30'
10/1/2005 View of the target area from the rifle
10/1/2005 100 yard target
20 points 2X. See http://www.softgreenglow.com/mt/archives/2005/09/new_epostal_mat.html for this match/class rules.
10/1/2005 ~125 yard target
19 points.
10/1/2005 ~150 yard target
20 points.
10/1/2005 ~180 yard target
20 points. 2X
10/1/2005 200 yard target
18 points.
10/1/2005 It was muddy
10/1/2005 It was wet
Mr. Completely match #4--Seeing spots
Tough target.