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Kim's handgun training
March 7, 2005--Kim's first day of training
I started her out using a heavy barreled .22LR. The weight is similar to the larger caliber semi auto that she will ultimately need to be qualified on but the recoil is almost non-existent and the cost is minimal. This will enable her to develop the proper techniques without developing a flinch. And the reduced cost will allow her to fire thousands of rounds at about 1/10 the cost of the larger caliber handguns. Soon I will have her fire a few rounds from a larger caliber gun each session.
March 7, 2005--First target
First magazine on the first target from about eight feet away. Better than I expected but the first two were overlapping in the 10-ring so I knew she just got sloppy with the rest. I asked her to try to keep all of them in the 10-ring.
March 7, 2005--Second target
The second magazine only had one hole outside the 10-ring. I knew she could do it. The target is upside down because someone else put it on the backboard that way and we just reused the target.
March 7, 2005--Kim punching holes
Her stance isn't as good as I would like but she probably won't really adapt the more forward leaning stance necessary for rapidly firing a larger caliber handgun until she has too. I need to give her some trigger time with her 9mm or my .40 S&W to convince her of the importance of a better stance.
March 7, 2005--Last Target
I put up two targets at 21 feet for Kim to alternate between. From low ready to target A, then to target B. Her average time from low ready to target A was about 2.5 seconds. Between targets it was about 1.5 seconds for a total of about 4 seconds. To qualify she will have to do this in 1.65 seconds or better using a full power handgun. Her accuracy will probably have to be improved slightly also but she's doing well for her first lesson.