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Heater with a problem
The plug has severely overheated. Notice the discoloration? We both three of these heaters from Walmart and all three did the same thing. We reported it to Underwriters Laboratory. The heater was made by: Holmes Group Inc Milford, MA 01757 USA Model: HFH2985 Made in China Serviced in USA Heater 120V 60Hz 1500W A/C Only 3403DHX UL Listed 11C1 E91385
The heater plug
Heater and plug
The geocache "Rocky"
In the green ammo can under the rock.
The geocache "Rocky" from a few feet away.
Typical blogging attire
Taken December 11, 2004.
Smoke from fire near Pomeroy
Reports vary, but up to 100 homes and 32,000 acres are up in smoke as of August 8, 2005. As seen in this picture the smoke is visible from my house--50 miles away.
For the record.
Rifle postal match. August 21, 2005.
September 13, 2005. New dog in the Doug Huffman family.
Two mule deer
Barb and I saw these while on a walk at the National Bison Range. One deer is obvious. The other is laying down in front of the obvious one.
Hunting ammo
What a difference ammo makes.
Match ammo
Same gun, shooter, range, and time of day as the hunting ammo target.