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Barb's 50th Birthday Party
Barb painted her nails purple for the party
It's some sort of joke related to a poem about wearing purple when you are old.
Barb with more purple and accessories from Susan
Nancy delivers more gag gifts
Quite a few people attended
Still more people
More people and gifts
Nancy gives Barb glow in the dark toilet paper
The party didn't hold the kids interest very well
The Huffman Family
Left to right, Ellen, Lowell, Doug, Gary, and Julie.
Kim and Xenia
Nancy, Xenia, Barb, Susan doing Karoke
John and Xenia
Nancy steals John away
Joe and Kim
Photo by Xenia.
Susan presents Barb her cake
Closeup of the cake
Kim is ready with the backup
Barb prepares
Lots of smoke, but backup wasn't required
Presents from Cheryl
Pictures are Barb's parents Lloyd and Joy both deceased. Joy died just last November.
Joe's present to Barb
Grace, Cheryl, Barb, Lee
Bob, Becky, Susan, Barb
Brian, Scott, Becky, Barb
Brian, Nancy, Scott, Barb
Nancy, Dow, Barb, Susan