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Rock blasting
Rock one. Back side.
Rock one. Front side.
Shaped charge with topside detonating charge
The red box on top is detonated with a rifle from 100 yards away. The milk jug has a inverted plastic cup in the bottom to form a shaped charge.
Rock one. Side view after first blast.
Rock one. Water hammer.
One pound detonator on top, two pounds of HE in the middle, two pounds of water in a plastic bag on the bottom.
Rock one. Water hammer back view.
Rock one. Water hammer results.
Rock one. Removing the top.
Rock one. Utilizing the top.
Underneath the top of the rock we partially removed was about five pounds of HE. Another five pounds were put on top of it and a detonator target put on top of that.
Rock one. Utilizing the top part two.
Another detontor was put on top of the previous one to make it visible from our shooting position. The plastic jugs have water in them to help direct the blast into the rock.
Rock one. Shattered. View one
Rock one. Shattered. View two.
Rock one. Shattered. View three.
Rock two.
There is about 20 pounds of HE underneath the dirt and jugs of water. There are four detonator targets stacked on top of each other to get down to the main charge. This gave us enough height to see it from our shooting position.
Rock two. Perspective.
Rock two. Shattered. View one.
Rock two. Shattered. View two.
Rock two. Shattered. View three.
Plastic water jug remnant