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Dow and JC Visit Dworshak
Picnic lunch at Mile 4.7 campground
Dow, JC, Leo (under the table), and Barb. This is the same place Joe took his kids backpacking and camping several years ago. This time we came in by boat.
Barb and Dow
JC found the geocache Big Eddy
Go to http://www.geocaching.com to see what geocaching is all about.
Leo and JC
A good spot for a geocache
On the Elk Creek branch of Dworshak lake.
JC brings the geocache for placement
JC on the edge
Leo and JC on the edge
JC, Joe, and Leo prepare geocache Elk Creek Cliff
JC, Joe, and Leo on the edge
Geocache about to be covered with bark
Leo and JC use "Granddad" as a cushion
Windblown profile of Granddad
Barb seemed to like the boat ride
Joe drives as Dow and JC relax
Pretty rock formation and trees
Going slow and looking at scenery was not for JC
End of the south fork of Elk Creek on Dworshak
Going back down Elk Creek
More rocks and trees on Elk Creek
In the shade going up the north fork of Elk Creek
Calm water on the north fork of Elk Creek
Just around the bend is the end
The end of the north fork is near
The end
Rocks and trees
Barb took a nap coming down Elk Creek
Visiting the dam from the upstream side
Dworshak dam from the upstream side
Dog dam
Leo, Barb, JC, and Dow visit the Kendrick pool
Barb and Dow used to go swimming here and have stories to tell JC.