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Xenia and Barb in Kirkland
Xenia and Barb visits in Kirkland on the weekend of February 18-19, 2006.
White-tail hunting
I got a license and a tag to go hunting for the first time this year. These are some of the pictures assocated with my hunting.
Steel match October 23, 2005
I participated in a steel pistol match at the Lewiston Club. I came in second place out of 16 people.
Rock blasting
Doug, Gary and I make little rocks out of big rocks with explosives.
Postal Match Results.
Aniversary trip to B-23 in Payette National Forest
About 18:30 on August 19th Barb and I decided to go to the B-23 bomber that crash landed on Loon Lake in 1943 for our 29th wedding aniversary. We drove to Riggins expecting to find a motel in either there or in Whitebird. We ended up finding an open spot in a campground about 12:30 AM on August 20th and slept in the Jeep. We awoke about 6:30 and drove 50 miles, mostly on one-lane roads to Chinook campground. We hiked ten miles, round trip, from Chinook Campground to the B-23.
NV, OR, CA--July 2005
Barb and I take a vacation prior to her starting a new job.
Geocache trip to Moscow Mtn. July 17, 2005
Moscow ID to Superior MT via the back roads
July 2->5 Barb and I went on vacation in the mountains of Idaho and Montana.
Visit to the farm
Barb and I visited the farm and some of Mom's relatives. We also dropped some stuff off for the Boomershoot.
2004 Aveo
A car for the kids to use.
Boomershoot Adventure April 2005
Eleven local guys came out for a private party the kids and I put on for them.
Barb's 50th Birthday Party
Potlatch Community Center, March 19, 2005
Tri-Cities with three teenage girls
Xenia and her friends Sara and CeCe came over with me the week of March 14, 2005 to do some shopping during spring break.
Teakean Butte hike
March 12, 2005. Barb and I tried to find a way to the top of Teakean Butte.
Kim's handgun training
Daughter Kim wants to be a Federal Air Marshal. This album will track her progress in handgun proficiency towards meeting the requirements. Requirements that are more difficult than any other law enforcement agency in the U.S.
Tri-Cities Weekend
Barb, Xenia, and Sara visit Joe in Richland one weekend.
House fire
January 22, 2005. The smoke went almost horizontal half-way through Moscow to the west. It was deliberately set by the fire department for a training exercise.
Freezing rain
The weather was freezing rain As I was driving to work on January 17, 2005.
Christmas 2004 with the Amos family
Christmas Eve 2004
At Grandpa and Grandma Huffman's place.
Fog in the Valley
Barb, her sister Nancy, and I went to Lewiston/Clarkston to do some shopping. The fog was rather heavy in the valley and I took pictures from near the top of the hill.
Christmas Concert and Stuff
We attended Xenia's concert at the University of Idaho Kibby dome then went to "The Pantry" for desert.
Thanksgiving 2004
Barb, Joe, James, Kim, and Xenia go to Doug and Julie's house for Thanksgiving.
Karen's funeral
Barb's cousin Karen died. Only one month older than Barb it hit her and the rest of our family pretty hard.
Kim and Xenia do Halloween
Kim can be so pleasant to be around. Expecially if she wants something from us. It was wonderful to have her visit us. Xenia was gone most of the weekend for choir in Pocatello. Beautiful fairy, isn't she?
Winchester State Park and Taj Mahal Visit
October 30, 2004. Barb and Joe go geocaching at Winchester State Park then drop off some stuff at the Taj Mahal (boomershoot explosives magazine).
Las Vegas 2004
Barb and Joe go to Las Vegas for a quick vacation.
Lisa's 40th birthday party
October 2, 2004 Barb and I go to the Clydes to celebrate Lisa's birthday -- which was a few days earlier.
Steptoe Butte
Barb and I visit Steptoe butte.
Boomershoot range improvments Sept 24, 2004
Ry, Barb, and I went to the Meadow and worked on the Boomershoot range. Jay, from work, came out and shot a few boomers.
Xenia's sweet sixteen birthday
Celebrated a day early (September 20) so everyone could be there easily. Kim ended up not being able to make it anyway because someone called in sick and she covered for them.
Lewiston Pistol Club IPSC September 5, 2004
A walk in the woods September 4, 2004
Xenia, Barb, and I went to "Little Boulder" near Helmer for a walk. Xenia wore her "Elf" ears and clothes. I teased her by saying she looked like a Vulcan.
28th Anniversary
Barb and I hung out near and on Mount Rainer.
Geocache Trip is a Walk in the Park
August 7, 2004 Barb and I found a couple more geocaches. One of them was in McCroskey State Park north of Potlatch, Idaho.
Sternwheeler on the Columbia River
Barb, Joe, and Xenia had lunch and a short cruise on the riverboat Columbia Gorge.
Dow and JC Visit Dworshak
July 11, 2004 Barb's brother, Dow Scott, and his grandson JC Ryan went with Barb and Joe to Dworshak lake. We found a geocache, placed a geocache and explored Elk Creek.
July 5th 2004
Hiking near Lolo Hot Springs and Jerry Johnson Hot Springs.
Outside Magazine Boomershoot Adventure
Lisa Auerbach from Outside Magazine goes on a Boomershoot Adventure.
Boomershoot 2004
Every year the Palouse Practical Shooters puts on a Boomershoot. This is a long range precision rifle event with high explosives as the targets.
Kim's senior prom
Xenia is Princess Prim
Missoula Children's theather 2004
McCall Vacation Weekend
Tim, Lisa, Joe, and Barb went to McCall for Tim's birthday on February 20, 2004. We returned on the 22nd.
2003 Utah vacation.
In August we stayed in a time share condo in Brian's Head. We visited Bryce's Canyon, Zion National Park, and oth places on the way.
Orofino Maniacs Class of '73 30 year reunion
Barb and graduated from the same high school in the same year. July 4th, 5th, and 6th we celebrated our 30th year reunion. If anyone has pictures from this event they would like to share with me please email them to maniacs@joehuffman.org. I will give credit to all photographers.
May 24th, 25th 2003 boat camping on Dworshak Lake.
Barb, Joe, and Kim took Joe's parents boat out on the lake to go camping and Kim learned to water ski.
June '03. Barb and Joe in the U of I arboretum.
Stephanie in Chicago Reader
Stephanie Sailor is running for congress (http://www.kennedysailor.com) and the Chicago Reader did an article on her. One of the pictures of her was from Boomershoot 2001.
Stuff that doesn't go well anyplace else.
Boomershoot 2005
Lisa Clyde Graduates
23 years after entering school...
UltiMAK products and tests.
Boomershoot 2006
Lewiston Pistol Club outdoor range
Improvements were made to the range in the spring and summer of 2005.
PNNL Stuff
Pictures related to my being fired by PNNL.
Capt. Jason
Jason's recovery after being injuried by an IED in Iraq.